Those 155 word stories are sweeping the nation! Here is my Scullyslash version. I'm planning on a couple more, since they are a fun break from the long story I'm in the middle of.
Oh and I know it's less than 155 words. <g>

150-odd Words: Glam

This is for PD.

Her head throbbed with techno, two shots of tequila and the sensation of May's lips pressing against her own.

Scully pulled away. "You taste amazing. What is it?"

May smiled. "It's my lipstick. It's called Viva Glam."

"I want more."

She pulled her lover into the darkest corner of the club, beyond the flashing strobe lights. Scully's hand slipped under the black silk of May's skirt, encountering satin skin. "You have no panties on," she whispered in her ear.

"My treat," May said, almond eyes flashing.

That night, as women danced before them, Scully taught May the true meaning of the French expression "La petite morte". May died for a moment in Scully's arms and Scully brought her back to life with a kiss, tasting the spice of her lipstick.

Viva Glam.

The end.