155 Words- Perfume by Dasha K.
Summary: Yet another night on the town for our two favorite lipstick lesbians.
Keywords: Smutty stuff
Rating: R?
Archive: Okay
Disclaimer: Not mine
Note: If you've read The Jitterbug Perfume Trilogy, the original character here will be familiar.

May squirted herself with perfume and Scully watched in fascination as the cloud of mist descended upon her golden skin. If I could only be the perfume, she thought.

She moved to May and sniffed her neck, the scent of lemongrass and thyme flooding her senses.

Moving down her back, Scully caught a trace of Ivory soap and the merest hint of sweat. She reached the bottom of May's skirt and sinking to her knees, pushed it up.

May started to laugh, but dropped her lipstick as Scully pulled off her panties.

Re-emerging from beneath May's skirt, she smiled. "That's my favorite scent."

Her hand shaking, May realized there was no way she was going to finish her make-up. So she pushed Scully's head back under her skirt, not caring that they were in the bathroom of a dance club.

Scully knelt on the tile floor, ignoring the aching of her knees. Who cared when her tongue was buried in her favorite place.

Better than any perfume, she thought, as she made May shiver.