Title: 'Moonlit Moment'
Author: danalissa
Disclaimer: Same as always - she's not mine, I'm just borrowing her on a temporary, not-for-profit basis.
Rating: Hmmm... Nothing even remotely explicit, sex implied, slashiness only barely implied.
Spoilers: None.
Distribution: OK for Scullyslash, elsewhere by permission.
Feedback: Feel free... danalissa@yahoo.com
Summary: No plot, not even a pwp. Just a reflective midnight moment.
Author's notes: My first Drabble, inspired by Xanthe & Hal. Not beta'd.

'Moonlit Moment'
by danalissa

I didn't know what woke me.

Dana was still asleep unmoving beside me, moonlight washing her skin with silver. I drank her in, committing this image to memory. The curve of her lips made me smile, recalling how she used them earlier. I'd ache soon - she was an enthusiastic natural.

She wouldn't be back soon, if ever. She'd need time to assimilate the experience we'd shared. This moment was precious - I pulled her against me, not wanting to waste the gift I'd been given by sleeping.

But her scent and proximity alone relaxed me, and I drifted off again.