Title: Beneath The Rose
Author: Reddi
Disclaimer: I don't own 'em. I got nothing here!! In fact, I have less than nothing. I have 'othing. When you really think about it, I own very little, except maybe my weird and wacky imagination. Hope you enjoy... if so mail me and tell me. If not, mail me and rant at me. Look, just mail me... 'k?

Beneath The Rose

You can't say the words
Doesn't mean you don't feel
The pain left inside you
The scars that don't heal

And you wake with the memories
Regret lingers on
No love in this life time
Not alive now. It's gone.

All the clocks stop their ticking
Peace is your shroud
And you dream of a time before
Now lost, never found

The lights are all dimmer here
In this empty shell you breathe
And you know in your heart
There's nothing to believe

A soul smiles so sweetly
But your eyes never see
No more innocence, nor beauty
All the things you won't be

The stars go on shining
In a sky made of black
And you stop and you ponder
All those things that you lack

Surrounded by corpses
You walk on, alone
But you pray for a moment
A lost faith you had known

Now reason has escaped you
No 'Cargo Ergo Sum'
No metaphysical release
Your mind now is numb

All the Angels are quiet
Not Heaven sent for you
And this world keeps on turning
So green, but so blue

The light shines so brightly
You try but cannot reach
So you lurk in the shadows
Just footprints on the beach

The colours have all faded now
Negativity reigns free
Darkness feeds upon your blood
Then you lay down next to me.

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