Title: 'Request'
Author: danalissa
Disclaimer: Same as always - she's not mine, I'm just borrowing her on a temporary, not-for-profit basis.
Rating: Hmmm... Nothing even remotely explicit, slashy only in my head, as a matter of fact.
Spoilers: None.
Distribution: OK for Scullyslash, elsewhere by permission.
Feedback: Feel free - here or danalissa@yahoo.com...
Summary: No plot, not even a pwp. Just a brief glimpse.
Author's notes: My second drabble, once again inspired by Xanthe & Hal. Not beta'd. This is a single drabble, in that it is exactly 100 words, not including the title and intro stuff (which ended up being longer than the drabble itself!).

"Dana," I said as I tilted her face up with my fingertips. "Your lips have distracted me all evening. May I kiss you?"

In the firelight her pupils dilated, and the world paused in wait of her answer. Various emotions chased across her face, but after an eternity only delight remained.

She moved against me in response, and I wrapped one arm around her waist, cupping the back of her head in my other hand. Offering her mouth to me, her eyes glittered.

I bent my head and touched my lips to hers. She tasted of dessert's cake and surrender.


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