Title: 'Sobulation'*
Author: danalissa
Disclaimer: No names have been named, but the one being kissed is our own Dana Scully. Same as always -she's not mine; I'm just borrowing her on a temporary, not-for-profit basis.
Rating: Hmmm... PG? Light R? Not terribly explicit, slashiness really only implied.
Spoilers: None.
Distribution: OK for Scullyslash, elsewhere by permission.
Feedback: Feel free - here or danalissa@yahoo.com...
Summary: No plot, barely a pwp.
Author's notes: My third drabble, inspired by a sequence of Farscape drabbles written by Aiobheann (archived at http://www.fangrrl.net/smutscape/, for the interested.) This is a single drabble, in that it is exactly 100 words, not including the title, intro stuff and note(which again ended up being longer than the drabble itself!).


As I lifted my mouth from hers, a trickle of song slid through my mind.

*I kissed a girl for the first time... and I may do it again...* I smirked.

"What?" she said, as I began to nibble at the base of her throat. Her skin smelled like jasmine.

"Just lyrics applying to real life," I said, "and me appreciating it."

"Care to share?" she gasped as I ran my thumb over her rapidly stiffening nipple.

"Later. I want to make them apply a few more times first." She chuckled acquiescence and surrendered her mouth to me once again.


* Note to those who think this isn't a real word: You're right, it isn't. :-) It's just a clue to where the lyrics come from.

The song is called (suprisingly enough) 'I kissed a girl' and it's by an artist named Jill Sobule. Lyrics found here: http://www.jillsobule.com/Lyrics/i_kissed_a_girl.htm .

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