Title - "The End of The Dream"
Author - A. K. Naten
Rating - PG-13 with just a dash of NC-17
Summary - Reyes lusts for Scully
THIS IS A F/F SLASH PIECE. Persons under 18 should not read it.
This is a little ditty that I threw together quickly... well, 3 months is pretty QUICK for me anyway. It's not very NC-17, so you smut-mongers may be disappointed... sorry. If you truly crave smut, however, feel free to read some of my other stories at my website: http://www.geocities.com/a_k_naten/ScullySlash.html . ;-)
This piece has no beta-reader... sorry. No time, no patience... you know how it goes. I apologize in advance for any blatant mistakes that I may have (most likely?) completely missed.
DISCLAIMER: The characters of Dana Scully and Monica Reyes belong to Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions, Fox Broadcasting, etc., etc., and are used without permission; I'm just borrowing them and giving them more interesting lives. No copyright infringement is intended, etc., etc., blah blah blah.

The End of The Dream
By A. K. Naten

Chapter 1

A kiss...

It always started with a kiss... and not just a little peck either... it was a long, deep, tongue-tangling kiss full of passion and desire. It was so good... neither one wanted it to end. Hands tangled in hair... palms slid stealthily underneath shirts... a squeeze of a breast... a breathless moan here and there... fingers wandered downward to unbutton pants... bodies shifted... a head dipped downward to kiss a freshly-exposed stomach while fingers clutched shoulders, urging more... more. Jeans were shimmied down, and warm lips kissed a path downward to a nest of soft curls. Hands pushed downward, begging for the kisses to be elsewhere... begging for release. Lips found wetness... a tongue darted out to taste oozing honey... a low, gutteral moan emerged from a gaping mouth...

Then suddenly, a loud banging, combined with shouting voices, woke Monica Reyes from her euphoric, recurrent dream.

"...Dammit...," Monica muttered under her breath. She wasn't sure if it was the neighbors or if it was outside, but *someone* had exquisitely bad timing.

Rubbing her eyes, Reyes sat up in her bed and stretched luxuriously. As she slid toward the side of the bed, she felt the dampness between her legs, as well as a not-so-subtle throbbing. Sighing, she got up and trudged into her bathroom.

<A hot shower should cure me of my stupid yearning,> she thought to herself. <...yeah, *right*,> she answered herself with a head shake. She undressed, her thoughts going back in time to when the attraction first started. It was when they first met... cliche, yes, but true.

The very first time she met Dana Scully, she was attracted to her. It didn't matter that she was totally uncooperative and aloof toward Reyes... something about her leapt right out of her eyes and hit Reyes directly in the heart. She knew almost nothing about Dana Scully, but after their first meeting, she knew that she wanted to get to know her, in any way possible.

This wasn't the first time that she'd lusted after a 'straight' girl... god knows it wouldn't be the last either. And, it didn't matter to her that Dana was mysteriously pregnant... she was absolutely drawn to the woman. Monica didn't know the origin of the numerous rumors, but she had heard enough of them ... Agent 'Mrs. Spooky' Dana Scully was knocked-up by her missing partner, Fox 'Spooky' Mulder... Dana 'Ice Queen' Scully was knocked-up by father-figure A.D. Skinner... Special Agent Dana Scully, the closet dyke, had a bun in the oven courtesy of David Crosby's sperm... the whole thing was apparently quite the joke in the Hoover building. All of it angered Reyes... for some reason, she felt like she needed to defend Dana. Although she, herself, was puzzled by Dana's 'condition', it didn't detract from the fact that Monica was captivated by her... in fact, it just made her more intrigued.

The more she spoke with Scully, the more Reyes realized how complex she was. There was a public Agent Scully, and a private Dana Scully. It only took Reyes a few 'meetings' to figure this out, as well as the fact that Scully wasn't as straight-forward as she seemed... no pun intended. She definitely loved Agent Mulder, but, it wasn't your usual relationship... Monica figured that out too. It was times like this that she was most grateful for her extra-sensory 'gifts'.

Though they only had a few meetings, Monica had gotten some definite 'vibes' from Scully. She smiled to herself as she remembered back to the coy glances and dark looks that Dana had thrown her way. And she wasn't imagining things either. The first time, she had told herself that it was her imagination... she was projecting her own lustful feelings, and that was all. But then the next time, there was another 'look'... another change in the pitch of her voice when she spoke... another intense exchange of glances between the two of them... another spark that flew when they stood close to one another. No, it wasn't her imagination... Scully was sending out shockwaves, and they were hitting Monica full-force. Was she confused by a pregnant woman subconsciously flirting with her and sending out 'vibes'? Yes, of course... but she was glad. Monica remembered thinking that she'd gladly take any kind of flirtation from Dana Scully - preggers or not.

And then, Agent Mulder was found dead, and Agent Scully was lost. Reyes had seen it all first-hand. The devastation... the anguish. How do you comfort someone you don't really know? Moreover, how do you sit by and watch them suffer alone because you're afraid to come close to them? Monica never had a chance to figure out those answers, because just when it seemed that Scully would retreat to a very private life without any further contact with her... Mulder popped back into the picture -alive. That point in time marked the beginning of a very long and strange journey for Monica Reyes.

As she brushed her teeth and stared into the mirror, Reyes recounted the incredulous events surrounding the birth of Scully's baby. How John Doggett had called her in the middle of the night, asking her to come and take Scully away to some secret place... how she immediately agreed to do it, no questions asked... how she stupidly thought that things seemed to be looking up as she and Scully drove for hours in the car, talking a little and getting to know each other a bit more... how things quickly went downhill as the 'aliens' tracked them down, and then stood and merely watched as little William was born, amidst Scully's pleading cries and anguish... how Mulder managed to show up in the knick of time to whisk them all away to the hospital... To say that the entire event was beyond bizarre was an understatement. Reyes remembered thinking that she would probably never experience anything like that again.

And speaking of William's birth... *that* was an incredible ordeal in and of itself. Reyes smiled pensively to herself as she recalled those moments... playing mid-wife and birth assistant to someone is bad enough, let alone it being someone whom you have a crush on... then add in the fact that a bunch of strange 'people' are standing around watching. Fortunately, with everything that was going on, Reyes didn't have time to think about the fact that she was seeing Scully at her most intimate, and, more importantly, at her absolute worst. She remembered that her overriding thought was fear... fear that these 'things' were going to take the baby and/or Scully... that they might kill the baby and/or Scully... god only knew what they were going to do to any or all of them at any time. How she managed to concentrate on helping Dana birth little William, she would never know, but somehow, some way... she did it. It was definitely one of the most frightening moments in her life, but also the most rewarding... so far. Monica gave herself chills remembering and thinking about it.


She hadn't spoken to Scully since the day she left the hospital. Dana had thanked Monica for everything she'd done, but that was all she had said. No subtle hints were dropped... no 'thank you' hugs were given... no invitations to come babysit... nothing... just a nice "thank you for everything you've done." Well... that was okay. Reyes decided that she should be grateful for that much, and since Scully had said it with such sincerity, she figured that was pretty good, considering.

That was 2 months ago. Time was flying... and Reyes found herself still smitten. She should go see Scully, and the baby... see how they're doing... or at least use some pretense like that; but, she didn't... she couldn't. She wanted to go see Dana, very much... but then again, she didn't. She knew why... in her heart, she knew what was holding her back. It was so many things, really. Seeing Dana again would make her heart ache with longing... it would get her hopes up again... and then she'd end up feeling frustrated and confused. And if Mulder was there... that'd be worse. She'd be jealous of him... hell, she was already stupidly jealous of their unique relationship, even though she was fairly certain there was nothing long-term there. She remembered back to her conversations with Scully in the car while they drove away, trying to escape fate that dark night...

Monica had watched Scully carefully when they first began to drive, checking her disposition... was she scared? Angry? Worried? Frustrated? She couldn't really tell... one thing was certain, Scully was very good at concealing her emotions when she wanted to. Eventually, they had started talking... just a little at first, but that was a good sign. Monica got the distinct impression that Dana didn't completely trust her... and who could blame her, really? They talked about the obvious, of course, and Scully managed to shed some light on many things that Monica had been unaware of. She remembered wondering how Scully could possibly take any more?... how could she - and her baby - possibly come out of this unscathed and unscarred?... that would be the true 'miracle'. She guessed that no one would really know the answer to that for quite some time.

Then she remembered the feelings that washed over her when she realized that Scully had fallen asleep awhile later. To merely say that it was 'beautiful' would not suffice... there was something almost preternatural about Dana that Monica just couldn't identify... Dana had a silence that spoke to her, and an allure that mercilessly beckoned her. She recalled staring over at Scully so often and so long that she feared she would run off the road. Smiling at the memory, she remembered having to make a very conscious effort to keep her eyes focused on the asphalt instead of on Dana's slightly parted lips.

As she slipped off her nightshirt, Reyes continued her musings...

Dana might be a mother, but that didn't mean that she was a completely straight arrow, did it? No... Monica had serious doubts about that now. During their little car-chat, Scully had unwittingly given Reyes numerous glimpses into her personal life, or rather, her relationship with Agent Mulder. It wasn't anything she said directly, it was more indirect... subtle comments... inferences... body language... expressions on her face. Reyes was a consummate pro at reading between the lines, and she was fairly certain that whatever was between Scully and Mulder, it wasn't romantic, and it wasn't sexual. Despite everything that had happened, Monica remembered feeling a little selfish spark of hope ignite within her.

She wondered if Scully had any idea how she felt about her... she knew she probably acted nervous around her... did Dana see this? Had she given herself away at any time? Did Dana know that she was gay? Had John told her? Wait... did John even know? She laughed out loud at her own foolishness. She felt like such an idiot... getting so worked-up over a woman who is not only probably straight, but a new mother to boot. Reyes laughed again and shook her head as she turned the water on.

Yes, she had given herself away, at least *she* thought so... when Dana had told her about her murdered sister, she reached out and touched her... clumsily clapped her hand on Dana's shoulder while looking at her intently. And then later, she had foolishly blurted out that she thought Dana looked 'beautiful' -

<No - I said, "amazingly beautiful",> Reyes said to herself, rolling her eyes as she tested the water with her fingers. <...So stupid...,> Reyes almost groaned aloud as she flipped the shower on and climbed into the stall, hoping to wash her angst away. <...Can't GET any more obvious than that, can I?> she sighed heavily, pushing her head under the pounding jets of the shower.

Out of the entire evening, that particular moment was the one personal thing she most wished to take back... it was the most embarrassing and humiliating. She could handle the fact that Dana probably thought she was some whale-calling-weirdo who had an annoying smoking habit... that was nothing. But to carelessly show her attraction and desire like that... that could scare Dana off for good.

...Or would it? Afterall... Dana did give her a whopping *look* during that little faux pas.

Monica stood in the shower, lathering herself up... daydreaming... wanting to reach down and ease the ache between her legs... but instead, she continued to reminisce...

She remembered all the times that Scully had given her that *look* ... the first one - when they locked eyes after they had looked around inside the house - that one was enough to send Reyes outside for a smoke... and then, after she had fixed the place up... and then, of course, during her whale impressions... and then, finally, after she had blurted out the 'beautiful' comment, when Dana had asked her what she was feeling. That look was filled with intensity, but something else as well... a hidden attraction... a carefully concealed desire...? Reyes could only fantasize.

<Goddd... I nearly melted into a puddle right then and there,> Reyes recalled. Thinking about that moment rejuvenated the throb between her legs. She would have given almost anything to lean forward and lock lips with Dana at that moment. It was an opportunity that would probably never present itself again.

<...Damn...> she cursed to herself.

But of course, any potential for a romantic, albeit awkward, interlude was blown completely away by the intrusion of the 'aliens' and the mayhem that ensued.

<No... don't think about that,> Reyes thought to herself as her fingers snaked down to tease her throbbing clit, <...just think about Her... just... *Her*...>

The spray from the shower hit Reyes in the face as she arched her back against the shower wall, overcome by the quick, fierce orgasm. She slumped downward, dejected and momentarily depressed.

It was going to be another frustrating week.


The weeks passed quickly, despite her persistent melancholy mood, until one day, when Reyes found herself heading into the Hoover building in search of John Doggett. She reached his office, knocking and peering inside the gloomy little room. Looking up from his desk, he grinned slightly at the tall, dark woman in the doorway,

"Well, well... Agent Reyes... fancy meeting you here," he said in his typical, sarcastic, gravelly voice. Monica smiled in return as she walked in.

"Hi John. How's it going?" she said casually.

"Can't complain. How 'bout you?" he responded.

"I'm good... but... I'm stymied on a case I've been working on. I actually came here to see if I could persuade you to help me out...?" Reyes said, making a small, pleading face. Doggett chuckled and shook his head.

"Monica, Monica, Monica... don't you have a partner of your own?" he said with a grin. Reyes smiled back,

"Yesss, but... I think this case leans heavily toward an 'X-File', sooo...," she hesitated, again looking hopefully at Doggett, who leaned back on his chair, chuckling as he shook his head.

"Actually, it's funny that you showed up here just now," he said seriously, shaking his finger at her.

"Why's that?" Reyes asked.

"I just got off the phone with Agent Scully about 15 minutes ago. She asked about you," Doggett explained. Monica's eyes widened in shock. Scully had asked about her? Dana? Her heart began to pound...

"Oh... really? What'd she want?" Reyes managed to mumble. She was having trouble concentrating because of the hot rush that was rapidly overtaking her body.

"She wanted to know if you were around, or if I'd heard from you," Doggett said. Monica could only stand there, wide-eyed and dumbfounded, nervously clutching the files in her hand.

"Haven't you been by to see her and the baby?" Doggett asked, seemingly surprised that Reyes hadn't been for a visit.

"Uhm... well, no... y'know... I didn't want to... uh... bother her, or anything," Reyes stammered, trying to act casual, but failing miserably. Doggett narrowed his eyes at her a little bit, and she cursed herself under her breath.

"Well... I don't know Agent Scully that well, but I think she might be a little lonely. Guess maybe she thought you'd keep in contact with her or something... y'know," Doggett said with a shrug. Reyes twitched her mouth but said nothing.

"...Must be one of those 'girl-things'," he added with a small grin. Reyes smiled and tried to remain cool, but she could feel her face reddening after that comment.

<What *did* that comment mean, exactly?!> she wondered to herself in a panic.

"Yah, well... I - I guess I should give her a call... or something," she said again, nervously clearing her throat. Doggett shrugged his shoulders,

"Yah, you should... think she'd be glad to hear from you. Now... what's the deal with this 'case' of yours?" Doggett said, abruptly ending the 'Scully' conversation. Reyes was grateful for the reprieve. She had trouble focusing on what she was telling Doggett after that... her mind continued to swirl with newfound thoughts of Dana Scully. She should call her... she should go see her... take a nice gift for William... afterall, she did bring the kid into this world. God... when she put it like that, it was no surprise that Dana wondered where in the hell she'd been...

<...I'm *such* an idiot...,> she thought to herself for the 10th time that day.


Chapter 2

The chill of the night air slipped through the window crack and lapped at Reyes' face as she sat in her car. She had been sitting there for 15 minutes... pondering... nervously tapping her fingers on the steering wheel... chomping on a piece of gum... gathering her wits... steeling her nerves... trying desperately to push aside her lustful feelings for the woman who lay waiting behind the apartment door in front of her.

As promised, she had called Scully, and, as forecasted, Scully was glad to hear from her. They had chatted lightly, Monica asking all the proper, superficial questions about the new baby, and Scully giving the usual and customary responses. It was a pleasant enough conversation, but it was fraught with underlying currents. Reyes felt sheepish and nervous as hell, and Dana seemed to pick up on it. The conversation ended with Scully inviting her to stop by for a visit. Of course Reyes agreed, but after she hung up, she nearly ran to the bathroom to spew. She had been anxious before around people she was 'interested' in, but nothing compared to this. She was truly dreading to go see Dana, and she even began thinking up excuses to not go. But... she couldn't do that... she would hurt Dana's feelings, and she certainly didn't want that. So... she knew she had to get a grip and get her shit together. The last thing she wanted was to act like a bumbling, love-struck idiot in front of Scully.

She finally got out of the car and headed toward the door, her hands gripping the neatly wrapped box of little baby blue Skechers sneakers. She rang the bell, and the door opened a few seconds later. Scully answered the door with a wide, welcoming smile, and Reyes' blood pressure shot up at least 50 points.


Despite the charged atmosphere, the evening progressed fairly well... Scully loved the little sneakers, and the two of them chatted nicely about all kinds of things while playing with William. With each passing moment, Monica began to feel more at ease. Usually, merely being in Dana's presence made her insides twist, but Reyes felt surprisingly different as the night wore on. She felt more relaxed - at least moreso than usual - and she suspected that it was because Dana was calm and at ease. You could see it on her face... thru her body language... in her eyes. She was peaceful... and it looked incredible on her.

Although they were relaxed and focused most of their attentions on little William, Monica could still feel the atmosphere reverberating with electricity. Reyes was so totally attracted to Scully, she had trouble concentrating on what was being said to her most of the time. Scully seemed to be making an effort *not* to look at her, which displeased Reyes. Was this her way of saying 'just friends'?, Reyes worried.

<No... don't think stupid thoughts now,> Monica scolded herself, <...Just enjoy the moment,> she thought.

And, at that precise moment, William let out a shrill little howl. Scully broke into a smile and scooped him up in her arms,

"I think it's time for something to eat, and then bed," she cooed to the baby. It was so adorable, watching her with him... Reyes grinned widely at the sight.

"I'm just going to go feed him and then put him to bed...," Scully said as she started back the hallway, but Monica interrupted,

"Oh... yah, that's okay... I should be going anyway," Reyes said as she began to rise from the sofa. She figured that she should leave and allow Dana some privacy with little Wills.

"Oh no, no... don't go... I'll just be a few moments," Scully said as she turned to look at Monica with slightly pleading eyes. Reyes hesitated,

"Uhm... okay," she said, quirking her mouth and shrugging nervously. She felt uncomfortable and her blood pressure was surely skyrocketing again, but... if Dana wanted her to stay, she would.

As Scully disappeared into the nursery, Reyes milled skittishly around the living room looking at pictures, books - anything to keep her preoccupied. William had served as a nice 'distraction' during the visit, but now that he wouldn't be there, Reyes was suddenly fearful of how the atmosphere and conversation may change... or not...? She didn't know if she'd be able to handle being totally alone with Dana... in her home... at night... feeling very volatile. She gulped down her glass of wine, hoping that the lump that had arisen in her throat would disappear.

After several minutes, Monica could hear soft noises back in the nursery, so she started walking back the hallway, her curiosity getting the better of her. When she reached the noise, she pushed the door open a little and peered inside. She saw Scully rocking William, patting him on the back and singing softly to him. Her cotton shirt was disheveled and unbuttoned nearly down to her navel, exposing a long, tantalizing expanse of skin. Scully saw her and smiled, nodding at her to come in. Monica gulped and gave a quick smile back as she entered and took a seat on the floor against the wall. She felt bad for interrupting Dana obviously breast-feeding William, but Scully didn't seem to mind.

"I'm a terrible songstress, but he seems to like it," Scully whispered with a grin.

"No, it's nice... it's very nice," Reyes whispered back, trying oh-so-hard not to stare at the exposed, creamy flesh before her. Scully smiled coyly, suddenly seeming shy as she bent her head down and nuzzled her nose in the crook of William's neck to avoid looking at Monica. Reyes suddenly felt very embarrassed... Dana had obviously noticed her noticing. All was silent for a few minutes as Scully continued to rock William and pat him patiently. When Reyes dared to venture a glance again, Scully had closed her eyes while she hummed a nameless song to the little boy. Reyes watched the two of them, her lust momentarily forgotten as she became mesmerized by the touching scene.

<... So classic... so beautiful... Mother and Child...,> Reyes thought to herself. She felt her eyes sting with tears as she suddenly became overwhelmed with admiration and emotion. This was definitely pulling at heart-strings she didn't even know she had. It was strange... and she felt very odd inside. After a few more minutes, William was sound asleep. Scully got up and laid the baby in his crib gently, covering him with a light blanket as Monica came to stand beside them and watch. She lovingly pressed a kiss on his head with her fingers and smiled at him, her untold adoration and love for him obvious. It made Reyes smile even more. Scully turned to her and smiled, touching her arm, then headed toward the door.

"He's so beautiful, Dana," Monica said quietly when they reached the hallway outside the nursery.

"Yes... yes, he is," Scully said thoughtfully. "And I still have a hard time believing it, y'know... I still look at him and think, 'I can't believe he's really *mine*'," she said with an incredulous look on her face. Reyes smiled at her,

"I can't imagine," Monica said seriously.

"Maybe some day you will?" Scully said as she cocked her head, her voice laced with some curiosity. Monica let out a little laugh,

"No... I don't think so," she said, shaking her head and heading toward the living room. Scully's brow arched and she quirked her lips as she watched Reyes go. When Dana reached the sofa, she sat down beside Monica, finally re-buttoning her shirt. Monica gulped down some wine as her eyes stole a sideways glance to watch Dana's ivory skin disappear beneath the soft cotton shirt once again.

Scully took a sip of her wine, swallowing it and letting out a deep sigh as she rested back on the sofa. Reyes smiled at her,

"You must be exhausted," she said.

"Mmm... actually I'm not too bad. It's better since he's started sleeping through the night," Scully said.

"Wow, already? You're lucky," Reyes added as Scully nodded.

"I know, it's great. I'm finally starting to feel like my old self again," Scully said with a little smile.

"Well, I must say Dana... you look really wonderful," Reyes said with a slightly embarrassed grin. Scully smiled back at her coyly,

"Hmm...," Scully murmured, closing her eyes and furrowing her brows for a second, "Haven't you said that to me before?" she said, reopening her eyes and grinning slyly at Reyes. Monica blushed and smiled, remembering exactly what Scully was referring to.

"Well... what can I say?" Monica said with a small embarrassed laugh, "...pregnancy and motherhood must agree with you, because you look beautiful," she finished seriously, giving Scully a small, wistful smile. Scully didn't say anything in response... she just looked right at Reyes... her bright eyes piercing and intense... a slightly coy smile curving the corner of her mouth.

It was *The Look*.

It had finally reappeared... alive and well. She had looked directly at Monica... she was finally revealing some of her well-hidden feelings to Reyes... and it set fire to Monica's emotions abruptly. All the nervous intensity that had seemingly disappeared suddenly came rushing back into the room... the atmosphere became highly charged again... Reyes' stomach constricted into a huge knot.

"Y'know, Monica...," Scully finally said, clearing her throat and interrupting Reyes' manic thoughts,

"The real reason I wanted to see you is because...," she paused, hesitating about something. Monica picked up her glass and took another huge gulp of wine. Her heart suddenly started thumping wildly, and she swallowed nervously, staring at Dana wide-eyed.

"...I wanted to thank you - I mean *really* thank you - for everything you did," Scully said. Reyes' heart-pounding eased for a moment, and she gave a nervous, tight-lipped smile.

"Without you, I wouldn't have made it... and William wouldn't have made it." Scully added, looking very seriously at Monica. Reyes made a small face and shrugged,

"You don't need to thank me, really... it's why I was there... to help you... I was just 'doing my job'," Monica said with a smile as she sipped from her glass again.

"No... it was more than that... you saved our lives," Scully said very seriously. Reyes made an incredulous face and frowned,

"I wouldn't go that far," she said, smiling self-consciously and shaking her head, "I did what I had to do... and, actually, I wish that I could have done more," Reyes added. Scully shook her head,

"No... you couldn't have done any more... you couldn't have done anything any better," Scully said emphatically, as Reyes made a disgusted noise and looked away, shaking her head again, obviously uncomfortable with the subject.

"Anyway... I just wanted to thank you again, from the bottom of my heart... I owe you my life, as well as William's," Dana said as she leaned toward Reyes and put her hand on her arm, squeezing it gently. Monica flinched uncomfortably as she turned and glanced down at the sensation... Dana's touch was burning a hole right through her skin, and they were dangerously close to one another. Monica sat her glass on the table and turned back toward Scully,

"You're more than welcome, Dana... and I would gladly do it all over again," Reyes replied with quiet sincerity as she looked up at Scully. In a flash, she made a snap decision to forego hiding her emotions... she didn't know where the courage came from, but she quickly pushed aside her fears and moved her hand to slide overtop of Scully's, squeezing it lightly and brushing her thumb across it. The two women locked eyes for a moment... sparks fairly flying from the touch of their hands. Reyes stared deeply into Scully's eyes... she wasn't sure who was mesmerizing whom, but the feeling was electrifying. Scully swallowed hard, and Monica watched her throat bob reflexively... then Dana licked her lips, and Monica felt a warm gush dampen her silk panties.

Neither one could tell who leaned in toward the other first... perhaps it was mutual... but when their lips met, neither one gave a damn who started it.

It was soft at first... a gentle and caressing touch of warm lips... not like her dream at all. It was the only coherent thought Reyes could formulate... her mind was too abuzz with sensation... the surreal feeling of Dana moving her mouth against her own... opening up... snaking her tongue out hesitantly to stab and taste. Reyes held back a moan as she tentatively reached up with one hand, sliding her fingers along Dana's cheek and pushing them into her hair. Scully followed the lead and reached up, sliding both her hands into Reyes' dark tresses while deepening the kiss. This time Reyes couldn't hold back the moan... it escaped softly into Dana's mouth and was met with a similar response. Reyes took her free hand and slipped it around Scully's back, pulling on her gently, coaxing her to come closer. Their bodies came together until their legs buckled and their breasts touched, and they hugged one another tightly, intensifying their union even more.

"Mmm... this is more like it," Monica mumbled between kisses.

"What?" Scully whispered, her eyes still closed as she gently pulled Monica's lower lip into her mouth.

"My dream... this is what my dream is like," Reyes said quietly as she pulled back and looked at Dana. "I've dreamt about this moment... for a long time," Reyes added, a little embarrassed to be making the admission. Scully looked at her thoughtfully, her brows knitted together slightly for a moment, then relaxing as she smiled,

"Well... I would be lying if I told you that I didn't have dreams about this too," Scully admitted with a sheepish smile.

"Hmm... well... I'm curious," she asked, "...How do *your* dreams end?" Reyes said with a mischievous grin.

Scully didn't answer... she just smiled cryptically and leaned in to smother Reyes with another kiss.



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