Residual Effect: Chapters 11 and 12

by trancer

Residual Effect
Chapter Eleven

"I'm getting too old for this shit, Abbie." Adam Schiff moaned pressing a hand to his brow.

"You're too old, and she's too old." Jack McCoy added pointing a finger at Abbie. He'd been pacing the floor ever since she entered the office. Abbie felt exhausted just watching the man. "This isn't the DEA. These cowboy tactics won't work here."

"Don't you patronize me Jack." Abbie shot back. The two had been playing good cop/bad cop with her, and she was getting tired of it. Adam, she could handle. At least he treated her like an adult. Jack, on the other hand, he'd treated her like a junior year law student the moment she walked into the DA 's office. Today was no different. Only today, Abbie really didn't feel like putting up with him.

"I know what I'm doing, Jack."

"Then what the Hell are two federal agents doing in your office?"

"They're in my office waiting for you to finish chewing my ass off." She turned her attentions back to Adam. "I told you, they're here in an unofficial capacity."

"Bullshit. If Jamie catches wind of this, she'll eat you alive. You're in over your head Carmichael."

"Don't you threaten to pull me off this case Jack." Abbie could feel the heat rising in her body. "You pull me off this case and it will blow up in your face."

"Is that a threat?" She could see the fire in Jack's eyes. He usually reserved it for defendants under cross- examination. Many a perp had fallen victim to that gaze. And Abbie would be lying if she'd claimed she'd never blinked when faced with Jack's patented "death glare", but not today.

"Whoa, whoa," Adam finally stepped between their Texas stand-off, "No one's taking you off this case."

"So what are you saying Adam?"

Mulder fidgeted about Abbie's office like a kid hopped up on sugar. He'd grabbed Abbie's mini-basketball, spinning and bouncing the ball in an attempt to stay busy. The counter effect being annoyance as Dana tried to filter out the white noise that accompanied Bored Mulder.

But, like Dana, Mulder had his `ways'. And she knew that his restlessness was just a sign that Mulder had dug into this case. In a way, this comforted Scully, yes, it also discomforted her. She'd been trying so hard to keep Abbie out of her `other' life, for reasons Dana could only attribute to her own selfishness. Mulder's presence felt like an intrusion. Always had. That no matter how hard she tried, Dana couldn't keep some elements of her private life, private.

Something else troubled Dana about Mulder's behavior regarding this case. When involved in a case, he has his ways of distributing information. Usually like piecemeal, doling it out at times that only Mulder deemed important.

Dana just couldn't figure out why Mulder had involved himself in this. He hadn't shown up on her doorstep carrying a six-pack asking for compliments about his latest triumph. Mulder showed up, looking for her, and more than a bit concerned. A type of concern that seemed a little overwrought for some misplaced and unreturned messages. She wanted to ask Mulder about it, but filed it under Mulder's fraternal side. An overprotective side that seemed to eek through. The same type of instinct Dana seemed to fawn over Abbie.

"How much ass do you think she's gonna have left when they get through with her?"

<Enough left to hold onto.> Dana bit her tongue, thankful the words were just a thought and not actual vocalization.

"From what I heard about Jack, he gives Skinner a run for his money."

"So what's that, one cheek or two?"

"More like a cheek and a half." Dana joked back.

Mulder tossed the basketball between his palms a couple more times. "Scully, what are we doing here?"

Dana felt herself tense. "We're assisting Abbie with her case."

"I know that." He walked over to the window staring out at the grey skies, then turned back towards Dana. "I mean, what are we doing here? We've all been staring at the same notes for hours. There's nothing new to find there."

"What are you suggesting?"

Mulder grabbed Dana's coat tossing it to the agent as he put his own on.

"C'mon," He cocked his head as he opened the door. "I have an idea."

The fifth floor building was relatively quiet. One of the few perks about working for the military, they knew how to work an assignment. The location was perfect. An office building located right across the street from the District Attorney's office. A few precisely contained containers and just the right pipe and the building had been cleared out within a day. As street wise and urbane as New Yorkers were, they still were human. Besides, believing the lie was better than realizing the truth. That two men had cleared out a building for the express purpose of murdering one person was probably a little more than most New Yorkers wanted to swallow.

Marshall sat at his post, binoculars glued to his face. The spot provided the perfect location for spying on the DA. The bugs were planted weeks ago.

The moment Amarice was into custody. Whiskey sat, headphones on his head, listening in on the conversations. Looking about as happy as anyone on surveillance can look.

The younger man pulled the headphones off his head, a slight look of excitement on his face.

"They're leaving."

Marshall didn't flinch. He could see the two FBI agents clearly in his sights.

"The attorney going with them?"

Whiskey flipped a switch, changing from the bug in Carmichael's office to the one in Adam Schiffs'.

"No, she's still getting her ass chewed."

"Then we stay. Our assignment is Abbie Carmichael. Not the FBI."

"But what if they find something?" Whiskey whined, stirring in his seat.

"They won't."

"How about I.."

"Shut up!" Marshall barked back. "This is our assignment. And I'm not going to let you fuck it up because you're feeling restless."

Mulder smiled boyishly as he shifted the car into park. Dana could only groan at this gesture. She'd seen this smile one too many times to know this couldn't possibly be good. Following Mulder's instinct sometimes felt as if she were waiting for the punch line to a joke she'd never been told.

"We're here." Mulder stated dryly, the hints of a smile still pulling at the edges of his mouth.

"Where here?"

He cocked his head over his shoulder. Dana followed his gaze allowing her eyes to take in the scene. Her eyes fell on the building Mulder parked across from. Dana moaned inward as she read the neon sign, written in large balloon letters The Pussycat Lounge. Next to the letters, a cat had been painted, her backside facing the viewer; haunches raised in that annoying position cats take when they want attention.

"Mulder." Dana scolded in her maternal voice.

"Scully, it's not just a job, it's an adventure." He stated as he unfastened his seat belt. "Let's be adventurous."

The Pussy Cat Lounge was a moderate bar/restaurant filled to less than half capacity with the after lunch crowd. Most of the customers, all women, sat at random tables eating their meals. She felt their eyes shifting towards she and Mulder as they entered the business. The accusatory looks they shot towards Mulder, an interloper. The more reserved, and complex, stares for Dana. Accusation. Curiosity. Flirtation.

The two agents approached the bar. A woman in her mid-forties tended bar, wiping the counters. Salt and pepper hair pulled back into a ponytail, medium build wrapped in a thick black cable sweater. All done with the sort of `don't fuck with me' attitude that came across as if she actually meant it.

"Excuse me," Mulder leaned against the counter, "We're looking for Alicia Kadmos."

Grey eyes shifted upward, piercing Mulder. Alicia cocked an eyebrow shifting her gaze to Scully.

"I'm Alicia." She stated, never missing a beat as she wiped the counter. "What can I do for you?"

Dana pulled out her badge by rote, flashing it towards Alicia as Mulder did the same.

"I'm Special Agent Dana Scully. This is my partner.."

"The Feds?" Alicia interrupted. "And to what do I owe the pleasure?" The bartender spat the last statement, declaring her distrust of authority figures.

"We came to ask you some questions about Amarice Doe." Mulder added. "You were one of the last people to see Amarice before the murders."

"I said everything I had to say to the cops."

"Detectives Briscoe and Greene." Mulder had pulled out his notes going over them as he spoke. "Could you tell us what happened?"

"You mean it ain't in your notes?" Alicia bristled.

"Sometimes," Dana added, attempting to ease the tension between the woman and Mulder, "It helps to have fresh ears. We might be able to pick up on something you might have forgotten."

"Like that she didn't do it."

"What makes you say that?" Mulder reached over to grab a toothpick, sliding the small piece of wood into his mouth.

"A person doesn't tend bar for twenty years without getting a feel for people. That girl couldn't hurt a kitten, let alone a house full of people."

"There's a murder weapon with her prints on it that says otherwise." Dana retorted.

"Yea, and manipulating evidence is a foreign concept amongst the NYPD."

"You say that Amarice came in every Wednesday." Mulder diverted, trying to keep the conversation on topic.

"Yep, came in every Wednesday," Alicia moved to the glasses, taking a rag to wipe them off before placing them on racks, "Sat in that seat and drank two Blue Moons. I mean, who the fuck drinks Blue Moons these days." She chuckled on the last part.

Mulder continued with his line of questions. "What was your general impression of her?"

"Quiet, sad, lonely."

"Doesn't that describe half the people who step into a bar?" For the life of her, Dana could not figure out where Mulder was going with this. She sensed this whole exercise falling into the category of `futile'.

"Like I said, I've seen a lot of people. With her, it was different."

"How so?"

"She'd sit in that chair, have her two drinks and stare at the door. I don't think she even realized that she was doing it. It's like she was waiting for something but had no idea what.."

"Or who?" Mulder finished for the woman.

"Or who. I thought she'd found it when that lawyer came in." Alicia cut off her sentence, realizing her error moments after the words left her mouth. Mulder and Scully noticed the faux pas, in different ways.

"What lawyer?" Mulder asked. His eyes were in his notes scanning for this parcel of information. Alicia's eyes locked with Scully's and for one fleeting moment, both women knew exactly what was going on. Neither wanted this information out in the open.

"Listen, ask me about the murder and I'll answer. Ask me about the personal lives of my customers.."

"Would you like to me get a subpeona?"

"Mulder." Dana chastised. "Is there anything else you can tell us. Anything else you can remember?"

"Why?" The woman answered. "You don't need me for the answers you're looking for. Him, at least he's open to the possibility that she may be innocent. But you, you've already made up your mind. So why should I help you? I mean, have you even talked to her? Anyone with two brain cells in their head could see that she didn't do it. That she couldn't."

"Mulder, let's go." Dana shot as she headed towards the door. Her partner shot her a curious glance before handing his card to Alicia.

"If you remember anything else, don't hesitate to call."

He followed his partner outside, noting the obvious tension emanating from the woman.

"Scully what's going on?"

"Give me the keys Mulder." Dana demanded as she approached the driver's side. Mulder was about to hesitate. Once he saw the expression on Dana's face, he decided otherwise, tossing the keys to his partner.

"You going to tell me what this is all about?" He asked as he fastened the seat belt. That is, after adjusting the seat so that his knees didn't brush the dashboard.

"She's right you know." Dana confided as she turned the engine. "The obvious answer has been staring us right in the face. And we've been dancing around it."

"So where are we going?" Mulder asked, still slightly confused.

"To the county jail," Dana slid the gear into drive, slamming on the accelerator. "I want to talk to Amarice Doe."

End Chapter Eleven

Residual Effect
Chapter 12

The guard opened the door to the visitor's room, waving the two agents in. A sparsely filled room, a single heavy table sat in the middles of the room, surrounded by the five metal chairs. At the opposite end of the room, a large window protected by bars and a fine mesh of wire. A large man filled one of the chairs. Upon the sound of the door opening, he was on his feet greeting the two visitors.

"You're early. Father Clambdy told me all about you."

He talked taking Dana's hand, then Mulder's, never letting the two get a word in edgewise. He was tall, very tall with salt and pepper hair cut into a brush cut. By the dress both agents knew he was a pastor, probably from the same church as the victims.

"Amy's been looking forward to seeing you."

Upon the sound of her name, Amy, Amarice turned towards them. She didn't seem as ominous in person as she did in her pictures. Human, you could say.

Her long black hair pulled back into a ponytail. A prison orange jumpsuit hung from her lanky frame. She crossed the room approaching the two agents, her movements controlled lithe-like. As she outstretched her hand to Dana, Dana realized she'd been holding her breath.

Amarice seemed so different from everything Dana had seen and heard about her. From the toothy grin she greeted them with, friendly disposition, but most of all were her eyes. All the pictures Dana had seen, Amarice's eyes were always these black emotionless dots. Dark eyes that seemed to harbor some ominous presence. Now, there were different. Dana realized why. Amarice 's eyes were a strange color, grapefruit with flecks of gold. They actually seemed to shimmer. For an instant, Dana could see how such a person could entrance Abbie.

"Hello." The woman finally spoke.

She took Dana's hand wrapping it firmly in her grasp. Dana could feel strange electricity escaping the girl's hand. Not sharp, like a shock, but more like an odd warmth that seemed to seep from the woman's palm. She released Dana's hand, repeating the same procedure with Mulder. Dana studied the motions. She could see Mulder reacting to the same physical sensations. A slight facial tic imperceptible to the average person but spoke volumes to the person who'd been his partner for seven years.

"I'm glad to meet you both." She stated.

"I'm sorry." Dana interrupted, "There seems to be some misunderstanding." She fished out her badge flashing it towards them. "I'm Special Agent Dana Scully, this is my partner Special Agent Mulder."

"Leave." The pastor hissed through gritted teeth as he placed himself physically between Amarice and the two agents.

"And you are?" Mulder asked.

"Pastor Jason Marks. Amy don't say another word."

"We'd just like to ask a few questions." Dana added.

"Get out now!"

"It's okay." Amy stated to the pastor. She stepped out of his burly shadow addressing them all. "They're just here to help."

"But you shouldn't speak to them without Jamie here. They're feds for goodness sake. This can't possibly be a good sign."

"I assure you." Dana spoke up. "We're only here to find out the truth."

"The truth is she didn't do it."

Amarice ignored Father Marks choosing instead to sit down at the table. Marks, rather than sitting, took a position behind the girl leaning against the wall.

"Do you have any cigarettes?" Amarice asked as Mulder and Scully took the seats across from her. "Father Clambdy says it's a bad habit, I know. But I can't seem to stop sneaking one on the side."

"Sorry," Mulder apologized, "All I have is sunflower seeds."

Amarice shrugged. "It's all for the best, I suppose. God's Will you could say." She cocked a playful eyebrow towards the Father. If he found the joke amusing, it didn't show.

Dana didn't flinch at the attempted ice breaker. "God's Will. Odd choice of words for an accused murderer."

"I have faith."

"In God?"

"In the truth, I didn't do it, what else is there?"

Mulder sensing the ever increasing tension in the air leaned in towards the woman. "You're an amnesiac. What's the last thing you remember?"

"The last thing, or the first thing. It's all kinda jumbled. I remember waking up in the monastery in Ecuador." Amarice drummed her fingers on the tabletop caught in thought. "I could remember simple things like walking, how to eat, talking but complex things as well."

"Like memory?"

"Yea, but it's all a fog. Still is, but I keep finding out things about myself. Things that I didn't know I knew but now seem as natural as breathing."

"Such as?"

"Pecan pie, I love pecan pie. And smoking, and really spicy chili, and boiled peanuts. Who likes boiled peanuts?" Her eyes glowed as she spoke. The memories like tiny revelations. "I know several languages."

"How many?"

"Six." Father Marks interjected. "At last count."

"So it's possible that you are a murderer." Scully bristled not wanting to let Mulder wrangle her interview from her. "You just don't remember it."

"I think I'd remember if I killed that family. My memories not regressive."

"Let's go back to that night. Why were you there?"

Amarice let out a small sigh as she leaned back in her chair. "Trevor was a sick little boy. His father, Charles, was a member of the church. Father Pate always talked about reaching out to those in need."

"Especially those with money." Dana snorted.

"All the money in the world couldn't buy his boy's health."

"No, just you." Dana pulled out a file folder from her briefcase. "Harry Smith, Eric Brandon, the list goes on and on, all very wealthy men and women with sick family members."

It was Father Clamby's turn to bristle. He stood from his chair. "I don't like where this is heading."

Dana ignored the pastor. "I can understand why Father Pate was there. I don' t understand why you were there. An amnesiac."

"I was there to help."

"You?" Dana snorted as she slid out another piece of paper. "The church, your church, has seven pastors, 23 nuns, five counselors and they chose you to help."

Father Clamby had enough. "Agents, I think your time is up."

"What help were you?" Dana continued.

"I prayed."

"You prayed. I find that hard to believe. That someone who just woke up one day with no memories but knows several languages, hot to walk, talk and their favorite foods was just there to pray."

"That's enough Agent Scully."

"What, were the Esterhart's not handing enough money over to you. Did you get tired of the good Samaritan routine?"


"Or maybe the reason you can't remember is because this isn't the first time you've killed someone."

"NO!" The woman yelled.

Father Clamby pounded his fist on the table. "This interview is over!"

"Why were you there Amarice." Scully continued not intimidated by the Father Clamby's display.

"I have a gift." Amarice exhaled as if releasing some terrible weight on her shoulders.

The door to the room swung open as an enraged Jamie Ross entered the room.

"What the hell's going on here?" She hissed at the two agents.

Father Clamby, relieved at seeing the cavalry, took a slight step back from the table. "I tried to stop her and them. She wouldn't listen."

"Amarice, don't say another word." Jamie turned towards Mulder and Scully. "Who are you people?"

"I'm Special Agent Dana Scully, my partner Fox Mulder."

"The FBI." Jamie turned towards Amarice. "What did you tell them?"

Mulder's eyes stayed glued to Amarice. "What did you mean?"

"Amarice, don't say another word. Jason, get security please."

"My pleasure." The Father stated as he rushed out the door.

Jamie turned back to the agents. "I hope you know that anything she said to you I can get thrown out faster than an eye blink."

"We're just trying to find out the truth." Dana stood from her chair, gathering the loose papers.

Father Clamby returned with two large security guards. Dana started walking towards the door. One of the beefy guards shadowing her closely. Mulder stayed in his seat, eyes glued to Amarice. The woman stared at her hands, a million emotions rolling off her face. The other guard clamped a meaty hand onto Mulder's shoulder.

"C'mon buddy."

"Give me a second." Mulder snapped back.

Dana could feel a slight queasiness enter the pit of her stomach. They were so close to the truth. She could Amarice giving in, and knew Mulder could feel it as well. The woman was holding back. They all knew it, could feel it in the air around them. The problem was, Scully and Mulder were there in an unofficial capacity in a situation that could quickly deteriorate leaving them with nothing.

"Dana?" Dana felt a silent grown erupt in her head as she turned towards Abbie's voice.

"You know these people?" Jamie demanded towards Abbie. "Out now!"

Mulder could see a slight flicker in Amarice's eyes as she looked up towards the attorney. "What's you gift?"

Two hands gripped Mulder. He could sense the other guard quickly moving in.

"How can anyone know the truth if it's kept a secret?"

A flicker of recognition passed over her face, a sliver of hope in a sea of confusion.

"Amarice, not another word." Jamie stated, practically pleading with the woman. But the seeds had been sown an Abbie saw an opportunity.

"Amarice?" The attorney looked directly at the prisoner.

She stood from her chair. Father Clamby quick to her side. She followed the three as the guards escorted them from the room. "I can take away her pain, but not his."

"Her pain?" Abbie asked staring at her former lover.

"Your friend." Amarice stated somberly as Jamie Ross closed the door to the room separating the three. "She has cancer."

Marshall loaded the last bullet sliding the clip into place and loading the chamber. His partner, Whiskey, sat behind the wheel drumming his fingers wildly on the steering wheel. They'd parked the car down the block from prison after circling the block so many times as to border the suspicious range. Now, they sat waiting. Waiting for the moment Abbie Carmichael stepped out of the building and Marshall was through with this mess entirely.

Of course, Marshall knew that leaving the Company was nothing more than a pipe dream. But men had held their hopes onto things far less. He'd often thought about what he would do when he got out. Maybe go back to Bangkok, or Hong Kong, hell, even Vietnam. The eastern continent hell many bad memories for Marshall. But he felt more at home on those foreign soils than he'd ever felt in the county that he'd fought and killed for.

"C'mon bitch, hurry up." Whiskey spat through gritted teeth. "I don't know why you won't let me do it."

"I told you," Marshall cut him off. "I want this done and I want it done right."

"What? You don't trust me?" Whiskey joked. Truth of the matter was, Marshall didn't trust him. He suspected the young man was rolling. Probably high on a speed-ball or some other god forsaken crap he'd bought off the street. Marshall didn't want those twitching hands anywhere near the possibility of his getting out.

Dana followed Abbie outside the building. The attorney hadn't said a word since leaving the interview room.

"Well that went well." Dana sighed trying to break the tension between she and Abbie.

Mulder followed the two women shaking the wrinkles out of his coat. "So, that was Jamie Ross. I think she likes me."

Dana gave him a half smile. Abbie glanced up at the darkening sky, then turned towards Mulder.

"Agent Mulder, could you leave us alone for a minute?"

Mulder's cell answered for him.

"Yeah, no problem." He took the device out of his pocket walking away from the two women before answering the call.


"We found her." Byers sounded off in his ear, the slight tinge of excitement in his voice. "Her name's Jessica Marie Phoenix. She's a Marine from Savannah, Georgia."

"What else?"

"How much time have you got?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean," Byers sounded more uptight than usual, "We've hit the mother lode, Mulder."

Abbie took several steps down the stairs of the building, Dana close on her heels. She finally turned towards Dana.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Listen Abbie, I'm sorry about what happened in there. I had a hunch and I knew you wouldn't want us interviewing her."

"Is it true?"


"Do you have cancer?"

"I don't think we should talk about this here."

"Yes or no."

"It's more complicated than that."

"It's true isn't it? It couldn't be complicated if it wasn't. How long?"


"How long?"

"Three years."

"Jesus Dana, were you ever planning on telling me?"

"Abbie I didn't come all this way to get into an argument about my personal life."

"That's right `cuz I'm just not that goddamn important to be a part of it."

Mulder watched the two women as Byers rattled off in his ear. "I'm not sure how we got into this backdoor to the Pentagon. I'm not even sure if we got into this backdoor."

"How so?"

"We've been hacking a long time, Mulder, and there are some things that are impenetrable unless someone lets you in."

"And you think someone helped you?"

"At least opened the door a crack. This is deep stuff. Serious stuff."

"What does her file say?"

"Marine, special forces. But here's the good stuff. Recruited into a special unit called Operation Falcon." Mulder could feel the hairs on the back of his neck prickle. Byers noted the silence. "You think that's weird. Guess when she disappeared? September of '94. Disappeared while on assignment in, get this, Puerto Rico."

Mulder turned to watch Abbie and Dana wondering just what exactly they were all involved in.

Mulder watched as a lone car made its way up the snowy street. Something about it felt odd to Mulder. The car wasn't creeping along like a nervous driver afraid of driving in inclement weather, but at a steady clip, one that seemed to be increasing. As the window rolled down and Mulder saw the muzzle, he was in a dead sprint.

Dana crossed her arms across her chest, trying to close the conversation with her body language. "I don't want to talk about this here."

"No, how about we don't talk about this at all. Forget it." Abbie mumbled as she headed down the stairs. "Just go back to Washington."

"Abbie." Dana sighed as she called out to the attorney. Her eye caught a black sedan moving quickly up the street towards them, noticed the window rolling down.

"Scully!" She could see Mulder running towards her, his gun already out. She reached into her coat for her weapon.

The quiet of the day erupted as the gunman opened fire. The first bullet ricocheting off the steps by Dana's feet. She felt her body hurling to the side as Mulder dove into her, pushing her behind a pillar for cover. The scant number of bystanders screaming, running, heading for cover as three more shots rang out.

The car sped away disappearing around the corner. Dana didn't wait for an all clear, just hurried to her feet and bounded down the steps. Mulder close on her heels.

Abbie was at the bottom of the steps laying face down. She moaned softly as Dana placed her hands on her back, rolling her over.

"Did you get a plate?" Abbie mumbled.

"No, I didn't. Oh God." Dana looked down seeing the large patch of red on the freshly fallen snow. She placed a hand on Abbie's dark coat. Her hand immediately saturated with Abbie's blood.

"Dana?" Rolled off Abbie's lips as her eyes slowly closed shut.

End Chapter 12

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