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Last Updated: 28th January 2001

This page contains links to the members pages of the ScullySlash List. Not all of the members of the list write and post fiction to it, and those that do, do not always concentrate solely on slash stories involving Scully. By taking a trip to their own websites, you can see what their interests are, and, if they are a fanfic author, find out something about their other writings.

If you're a member of one of the ScullySlash lists and you'd like your website listed here, please email the webmistress at Give the url of your website(s) and an short description. It can be any type of website, personal, other hobbies or interests, fanfic for any fandom or a professional website.


Adrian D. Ives

Located in the UK, Adrian writes fanfic as an outlet for the enormous frustration and irritation that he encounters every day in his job as an IT Consultant. He is an enthusiastic Scully fan, and generally writes stories that are in some way Scully-Centric. Very often his stories will be set outside of the conventional X-Files framework, possibly categorised as Mytharc or Crossover.

Oh, yeah, and he writes a lot of smut! Adrian's website is the easiest way to read all of his fiction, or to contact him.



alice ttlg (through the looking glass)

alice ttlg is an accountant in real life but prefers to play in cyberspace, creating websites of many shapes and colors. She doesn't write, she archives, at the Basement XF slash archive, this ScullySlash archive and also the Glass Onion meta-fandom archive.

Vox Populli &, portal sites, both hosting various websites and archives;
The Glass Onion Archive, a meta-fandom archive;
Coda, blog, miscellaneous ramblings;
Idiot Box, blog, about tv shows and movies


Deslea R. Judd

Deslea Judd is a 28-year-old Australian Phile most known for hetfic but with a strong fondness for supporting-character femslash. She is strangely drawn to Samantha slash. Don't ask why, just go along for the ride. So to speak.

eXegesis, portal to her websites;
Literatti, her fanfic, mostly het


Halrloprillalar (Call me "Hal")

The Letter X



Frontiers Design Studio;
Barb and Hth's Wonderful Worlds of Slash



Original fiction, and ScullySlash fic

join her email list at the Yahoogroups website, Radclyffe-writings
or send an email to



Selena's Favorite Things



A few cool X-files links, movie links, plus commentary, critiques, and cool news about times in Austin, TX.

Coffee Bar


Tamy da Pooh

X-Files, Stargate, Farscape stories and artwork.

da Pooh's Place