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Story Ratings

Last updated: 7th August 1998

While the list does not require a rating, it is recommended that these should be included for all stories that are destined for public distribution. In particular, authors should note that the ScullySlash Archive is a public website, and that all stories posted to the list will be archived there, unless the author states otherwise in their Story/Posting Header.


If a rating is used, it should be from the system currently used in the U.S. In particular, stories involving graphic sex and/or extreme violence should be labeled NC-17.

If a story depicts non-consensual sex (rape) it should be clearly labeled as such, normally with the abbreviation NC or "non-con".

Where used, ratings should be included in the subject of each part of the posting. For example:

Scully's Dirty Day (1/3) (NC-17)
Scully's Dirty Day (2/3) (NC-17)
Scully's Dirty Day (3/3) (NC-17)


Here's the U.S. system:

U.S. Expanded Ratings:
(These could, for example, be used to help expand on your story content)


U.K. Rating System
For information, the U.K. Rating System is also listed below, although this is far less widely used.

Note that the U.K. scheme is legal, rather than advisory. Also, the U.K. has no legally recognised rating that classifies explicit sexual activity. It is a heinous crime of the most unimaginable degree, and punishable by the severest of penalties, to depict aroused sex organs, penetration, or any form of sexual enjoyment in a graphic or gratuitous manner, or in any way that might imply that sex is a fun thing to be doing. This is why the U.K. ratings are rarely used on fanfic!